Welcome to the Playtime Pack!

At Playtime Doggie Daycare & Pet Salon, our staff is committed to providing all of our pets with the highest degree of safety and love. We have been providing pet friendly services to our community since November 2003. We are a female owned and independently operated small business. We have created a facility where dogs can build their social skills, exercise, and develop positive behaviors in a safe environment. We recently moved to a new location so be on the lookout for an online tour of our facility coming soon!

Why should you choose us?

    • We separate dogs by size – large and small. As for medium dogs, it depends on their energy level and personality.  If your large breed dog starts daycare as a puppy, then there is a possibility they will begin in small and eventually graduate to large after they grow big enough to play with pups more comparable in size.
    • We have 4 large kennel suites stocked with comfy bedding, toys, and water bowls for furry pups who prefer one-on-one attention with our staff over time with other dogs.
    • When attending daycare your dog will enjoy participating in one of our playgroups created with them in mind based on their size, age, and play style. 
    • Your pet will enjoy bathroom walks and playtime outside.
    • All of our Grooming and Bathing services are done completely cage-free, which means we do not use cage dryers.

Give us a call at 302-368-3100, email us at info@playtimedoggiedaycare.com, or just stop by our facility to see for yourself the love, respect, and compassion we have for all of our furry friends!