Playtime Doggie Daycare Delaware

At Playtime Doggie Daycare & Pet Salon, Our staff is committed to providing all of our pets with the highest degree of safety and love. We have been providing pet friendly services to our community since November, 2003. We are a female owned and independently operated small business. We have created a facility where dogs can socialize, exercise and develop positive behaviors in a safe, cage-free environment. Come in for a tour and see our facility for yourself!

Why should you choose us?

We have an ample 2,400 square foot playroom for our large dogs and a 1,500 square foot playroom for our small dogs. We also have a separate playroom specifically for our Kennel dogs that is full of toys, fun activities and water bowls.

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  • All of our playrooms have 1’ thick rubber padded flooring to help support your dog’s hips/joints and to give them good traction while they are playing.
  • Your dog enjoys a cage-free environment to play in all day. There is no mandatory “naptime”. The dogs are welcome to rest in the playroom and join the pack again when they are ready.
  • Your pet will enjoy bathroom walks outside, on leash, every other hour.
  • We are open for Boarding and Grooming Services 7 days a week.
  • Kennel Boarding includes frequent bathroom walks outside and one-on-one play sessions throughout the day.
  • All of our Grooming and Bathing services are done completely cage-free, which means we do not use cage dryers.

Give us a call at 302-368-3100, email us at, or just stop by our facility to see for yourself the love, respect and compassion we have for all of our furry friends!