Grooming Services

Our pet grooming appointments are set up so that your pet receives one-on-one attention from our groomer. Your pet will spend a fraction of the time at our facility than they would at other grooming facilities.

Full Body Bath includes:

  • A Hydro-massaging bath to massage deep into sore muscles and joints.
  • Use of deep cleansing shampoos and moisturizing conditioners that are professional grade, all natural, and organic.
  • Fluff drying to help blow out loose, dead hair and dander.
  • Inside of ear cleaning to eliminate excess wax and dirt.
  • Trimming of the nails to help prevent arthritis, pain and infection due to overgrowth.
  • Complete brush-out of your pet’s coat. 

Styled Pet Grooming includes:

  • A Full Body Bath (see above).
  • Styled hair trim will be done according to the owner’s instructions and American Kennel Club specifications.
  • Foot and sanitary area trim for cleanliness.
  • Ear hair plucking, if applicable to the breed of the dog and owner’s preference.
  • A bandana or ribbon and spritz of conditioning cologne for a finishing touch!