Cat Services

Cat Bathing

Full Body Bath Includes:

High quality, deep cleansing shampoos and moisturizing conditioners using only professional, all natural and organic products.

Fluff drying to help blow-out loose, dead hair and dander.

Inside of ear cleaning to eliminate hair, wax, and dirt.

Trimming of the nails to help prevent arthritis, pain and even infection due to overgrowth.

Complete brush-out and de-shedding of your pet’s coat.

Cat Boarding & Daycare

Multi-Level Kitty Condos

Windows to Look Through

Toys, Bedding, Litter Box & Litter

Playtime & Cuddles With Our Staff


Current Vaccinations including Rabies & Distemper

On a Year-Round Flea/Tick Treatment

Friendly Towards People & Able to Be Picked Up

Cats Must Arrive to Playtime in a Secure Carrier for Their Safety & the Safety of Our Staff


Please call our office to receive a price estimate!